The Great Wealth Transfer: Is It Really Here?

Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?

For those who have been following my blog (founded in 2010), you should know that this is a big topic for me.  I have the BC prophets from the mid-90s to thank (or curse) for their outlandish predictions of a Golden Era for nonprofits through planned giving.  Are their predictions finally starting to come true?

So, I am back again, for around the 10th year, examining all of my favorite data points (Giving USA, VSE, IRS, etc…) looking to see if the Great Wealth Transfer has started yet (it was actually supposed to be fully underway by 2017!!!).

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What is Planned Giving really about?

There are many angles to planned giving – Is it about the “vehicles”?  The tax advantages that some offer?  Or, is it about newsletters and marketing and websites and emails? Or, simple bequests? Or, perhaps, leadership campaigns? Or, connecting with professional advisors?

Well, here is a definition of Planned Giving that I have found (now past 25 year in this field) that best summarizes what is really going on with planned giving:

When the values of an institution align with a donor’s own values to the extent that it becomes the donor’s belief that these values should be preserved for the future.

In other words, planned giving is about bringing together all modes communications – ads, letters, articles, emails, board meetings, events, etc.. – to make sure that your closest supporters know and realize that their personal legacies can be expressed through any type of legacy gift!

So, if your organization is communicating properly about planned gifts, what else is your job (as a major gifts officer or general fundraiser) in this regard?

The answer is Initiating Legacy Conversations.

You just need to initiate conversations with longer term supporters (those who have the potential for this “alignment of values”) and listen and converse!

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