Planned Giving, the F.B.I. and H.(& R.) Block? Check out this exciting Planned Giving mystery!

You have to read this planned giving mystery!  It’s another twist – a huge one – in the Huguette Clark story, if you have followed this planned giving tale.

A few years ago, I personally thought Ms. Clark’s story would go away quietly being that she was living anonymously for over 20 years in Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan.  It was just this interesting story (about her being a reclusive heiress and her father the 1800’s copper baron/U.S. Senator) that only myself and a few others knew about and wondered what would end up with her estate.

But, thanks to Bill Dedman, MSNBC reporter, this story and Ms. Clark are a national sensation (again – Ms. Clark was an heiress celebrity in the late 1920’s and intentionally hide from the spot light all these years).

Here a few other stories going around on this one – all with interesting historical significance.

People magazine on the jewelry – very interesting!

The New York Time’s high brow discussion about her New York apartments going for sale:


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