New Planned Giving Insights

If you have a free hour, check out this link to a fascinating web presentation from Dr. Russell James (sponsored by about some really cool, new Planned Giving data: WHAT THE DECINE OF WILLS AND ESTATE PLANS MEANS FOR PLANNED GIFT MARKETING Presented by Dr. Russell James J.D., Ph. D, CFP

Presented by Dr. Russell James J.D., Ph. D, CFP

I actually plan on watching the webinar over again, taking better notes and reporting back on each of the major findings.

Here is a teaser of some of the points I gleaned from my not-so-clear notes:

  • The top trigger for people to add a nonprofit to their estate plans (will, trust or account beneficiary designation) was experiencing any apprehension of death (i.e. facing one’s own mortality).  Cancer and other major health declines also made the top 10.  Family structure change (death of spouse, divorce, etc…) was next.  Not that surprising but read the next point…
  • The top triggers for people to remove a nonprofit from their estate plans were essentially the same as the triggers to add a nonprofit!  In other words, anything that motivates a change of one’s estate plans could be good or not good for a nonprofit (now you understand why we emphasize stewardship!).
  • Most charitable plans are added within 5 years of death!  Wow.  If that is true, not only is it a case for stewardship but it’s a huge case for traditional PG marketing (i.e. newsletters!).
  • Planned giving is currently experiencing the Baby Bust!  As Robert Sharpe has warned for the last 20 years or more, there was a serious drop in births in the late 1920s and 1930s.  And, any positive impact by the Baby Boomers on planned giving is 5 years away!  Meaning, planned giving programs need to gear up for the impact of the Baby Boomers.

That webinar was so full of cool stuff, I plan on releasing and analysing the data points over the next few months!

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