Extenders (with the IRA rollover) are happening…

The IRA charitable rollover renewal is close enough – within 72 hours according to an article from Reuters (click here to see) – to start taking some action.

Fundraisers – you should start making your lists:

  • Anyone who ever used the IRA giving provision in the past
  • Any donors age 70.5+
  • Any donors who have expressed interest in the IRA rollover

Start planning website, email and mail efforts.  Phone calls, too.

Why am I so confident?  Because there are too many lobbyists who won’t accept defeat on these issues.  Too many pockets have already received their “grease”.  Too much money is riding on the whole bunch of extenders waiting another short-term extension.

So, get ready for your end of year push on this one. Hopefully, Congress will give us extra time in January to maximize the giving opportunities, so be ready for the info that will be disseminated shortly!

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