About Planned Giving Advisors, LLC

Planned Giving Advisors was launched in late 2011 by attorney and planned giving consultant Jonathan Gudema with the goal of providing a service that addresses:

  • The growing disappearance of planned giving specialists at nonprofits;
  • The high costs for planned giving consulting from larger fundraising consulting firms; and
  • The imminent financial disaster that nonprofits are generally ignoring (that overwhelming numbers of donors will soon retire or start dying and that traditional fundraising in many cases will be decimated).


We designed our planned giving service to be comprehensive (covering legal, marketing, coaching, etc…) and cost effective. Our goal and methods are simple: we enable nonprofit staff to create a strategic approach to their unique circumstances, coach you through the challenges in implementing your program, and are always ready to get directly involved in helping you close a planned gift.

Our innovative approach makes running a successful planned giving program accessible to virtually any nonprofit organization. Instead of high hourly fees or steep project-based fees, Planned Giving Advisors offers its clients a cost-effective annual fee that includes guidance in addressing any gift planning scenario, donor-specific gift planning illustrations, and ongoing support in meeting the challenges of managing a planned giving program.

In addition to gift planning advisory services, Planned Giving Advisors provides as part of our annual fee a full suite of fundraising support tools: a state-of-the-art web-based education program and a library of turnkey marketing and legal documents, continually updated to reflect changes in law and regulations.  These services are designed to help nonprofits maximize their planned giving efforts without increasing current fundraising and marketing staff.


Please email me at jonathan@plannedgivingadvisors.com or call us at 973-732-2455 to learn more about our services.