Anything New Out There – Something About Inherited IRAs?

Small news blip a few days ago – something about the Supreme Court ruling that Inherited IRAs are now being subject to creditor claims in bankruptcy.

Click here to read an excellent piece on the topic from my favorite financial writer, Deborah Jacobs, summarizing the new legal revelations (as well as links to other background pieces).

What does it have to do with Planned Giving?

Actually, nothing directly.

But, as I have been stressing more and more in training sessions (click to check out our latest virtual sessions), IRAs will most likely become extremely important for planned giving among the baby-boomers. So, any extra comfort level you might have about IRAs, the better! Check out that article and other pieces from Deborah Jacobs on Forbes.

Ok, so what about the Charitable IRA Rollover?  Any updates?

Sorry, it’s probably a few months away from any real news on that front.

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