Boomers Never Get Old

Look up “baby boomers getting old” on Google and you might see headlines like:

Old Age Is a Myth We Need to End as Baby Boomers Retire | Time

Why Baby Boomers May Never Get Old | Fox Business

Growing Old, Baby-Boomer Style – WebMD

Clearly pieces written by Boomers not interested in admitting their own mortality.

Click the picture above for a more realistic discussion from the New York Times this weekend (not that I ever buy a newspaper anymore!).

We are all getting older – including me (turning 50 in a few weeks) – by the day!  For my 5-year-old, it’s exciting, new adventures, rapid growth.  For those turning a different corner, it is all about addressing one’s (my own, too) mortality!

And, for Baby Boomers – probably trying to hold on to that “top of their game” attitude for just a few more years – the situation is going to get acute very quickly.  Just ask the insurance industry what happens in general to people in their early to mid-seventies?

So, what does this have to do with Planned Giving?  Everything.  Donor bases are getting old rapidly. Annual and major giving eventually subsides. Planned gifts can more than replace the revenue, if your org has invested at all in Planned Giving!

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 Take a look at the below chart.  The mountain is moving into Planned Giving territory!Planned Giving Virtual Boot Camp - Session 1 Introduction to planned giving

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