Cat Got Your Tongue? Learn How to Start the Planned Giving Conversation

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I tell my clients all the time that in the planned giving world, people skills will take you much farther than technical skills.

You might understand CRUTs and CRATs inside and out; know the latest tax-law changes by heart; and have the ability to set up a CGA with your eyes closed. But if a fundraiser clams up when it’s time to have a conversation with donors and prospects, all that knowledge will be about as useful as a snow shovel in Florida. And if you can’t initiate a dialogue or make the ask, your prospects will look for a fundraiser (and a new nonprofit) that can.

But when you possess the ability to have an effective, engaging conversation, your prospects suddenly turn into donors; your donors turn into repeat donors; planned gifts increase, along with major and annual gifts; and your reputation grows (along with your career).

You’ll also find it’s much easier to gather information for donor stories—a must for creating a powerful, emotional connection that inspires other prospects to give.

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The truth is, even seasoned fundraisers sometimes have trouble initiating a conversation. There are times that making the ask feels like an impossible task. Some prospects or situations are just trickier than others, and sometimes your usual, tried-and-true methods will fall flat. 

That’s why, in conjunction with,  I will be giving a new course on February 1st on initiating planned giving conversations where we will show you how to find the clues to begin the dialog and close the deal.

Put your doubt and uncertainty in the rear-view mirror. Brush up on your donor conversation skills and start the new year strong. This exclusive PlannnedGiving.Com course is a must-have for anyone who’s serious about planned giving. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop your “Legacy Opener.”
  • Initiate a planned giving conversation
  • Select good prospects.
  • Understand those prospects’ mindsets, motivations, and aspirations.
  • Identify life events that are good triggers for a planned giving dialogue.
  • Overcome the greatest hurdles to a legacy conversation.
  • Discover if they have a will or an estate plan, and know what to suggest if they don’t.
  • Close on a gift.
  • Gather exceptional information for a donor story.

Don’t fumble another planned giving conversation. Sign up for our new course today and take your nonprofit (and your career) to the next level.


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