Clarity on 2010 IRA/RMD situations

I had such a great question emailed to me right after the Tax Relief Act passed:

Could someone who had already withdrawn their 2010 RMD (Require Minimum Distribution from their IRAs) undo it in favor a IRA charitable rollover gift?

They did give people until Jan. 31, 2011 to make their IRA charitable gifts to count for 2010 RMDs?  You would think that since the law passed with basically 10 work  days or so to react for 2010 that they might have included a mechanism for undoing 2010 RMDs to make IRA charitable gifts.  Or, maybe they would realized the futility of giving people an extra 31 days in 2011 when most had already taken their 2010 RMDs and just created an exception after the fact.

Well, the answer is officially NO.  Check out this post on PGDC:



  1. so what’s new? they finally passed legislation – it just doesn’t work out for anyone who wanted to do this in 2010- almost like not passing legislation for 2010 on this issue at all. I almost can’t wait to see what happens at the end of 2011.

  2. It is actually rather funny and it gives us something to talk about!

    I was personally hoping for a return to the 2001 estate taxes – that would have woken plenty of people up. We might still get it, yet!

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