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Ok, I’ll admit that I’m a bit obsessed with my alma mater’s (Rutgers) sports programs – as challenged as they have been – so almost everyday I tend to google Rutgers to see more news about their sports programs and whatever else pops up.

And, today there was typical bad news for Rutgers’ fans on the sports side but on the Planned Giving side, they hit a home run!

Take a look at this article about a $500,000 planned giving/legacy commitment:

It isn’t perfect but let’s start off with the positives:

  • It’s a living donor!  Research backs up the idea that living peers are the best inspiration to put out in front of potential planned giving donors.
  • The donor is known publicly already for her association with Rutgers – a familiar face, an alumnus to boot!
  • The commitment is connected to an already existing planned gift (endowed scholarship) that has results already (150+ scholarship recipients).
  • The original gift in memory of her late husband is mentioned – powerhouse planned giving motivation.
  • There’s a great story to go along with the planned gift – donor is committed to helping people in tough circumstances reminiscent of her own circumstances (talk about planned giving motivation).
  • A few nice quotes.  My favorite: “Investing in our Rutgers students is a return investment in the future generations of our communities. Thank you, Rutgers, for giving me so much.”
  • She’s a leader in the Rutgers community – hopefully other leaders will get the message.
  • Hey, it’s a story about a planned giving commitment.  Let’s not forget that point.

What was missing?

  • Contact info to talk to Rutgers fundraising staff about doing your own planned gift!  A picture of the contact at the end of the article with phone and email would be awesome.
  • A call-out or side-bar with a paragraph or two about legacy/will commitments.

And, I hope RU staff will use this article in different venues. It’s well written and can be very powerful in getting others to start thinking along the same lines.

And, you never know. Maybe the next 4-star recruit will say yes!

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