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In Image result for eye opener cartoona presentation to a nonprofit board a few weeks ago, I went through my typical “case for planned giving” presentation which includes slides that address the on-coming Baby Boomer Boom for Planned Giving and the potential for the field in the next 10 years.

But,  you know what got this board’s attention?

They saw that charities, across the board in the U.S., average approximately 7.7% of nonprofit revenue from planned giving (since 1969).

And, when looking at planned giving revenue versus individual giving (a better apples to apples comparison), planned giving averages over 10% nationally of these two revenue streams AND in higher education the percentage is as high as 15%-20% of individual and planned giving revenue combined. These were the facts this board picked up and started to engage.

In other words, don’t forget that your board may have business owners and others keen on bottom line revenue.  Bottom line: planned giving should at least be reaching national statistics and even higher if you have a developed program.  Time to invest.


  1. I often get asked this question. I have worked in higher education and saw similar results to what your article reports for higher ed (on the higher end). Do you mind sharing your source for this statistic?

      1. Thank you! I enjoyed watching the webinar. I took away several great points. Giving USA is always a great wealth of information. I like how you broke down their information.

        I appreciate the share!

        Gratefully yours,


        Cathy R. Sheffield, MBA, CAP®, CFRE, CSPG






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