Fighting Hunger with Extending IRA Giving Law Permenantly?

H.R.644 – Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2015

114th Congress (2015-2016)

The summary of this one doesn’t even mention IRA giving,, but if you look closely at Section 3 (and cross reference the law it refers to), you will realize that this Bill attempts to make IRA giving permanent.

Good news that it is another attempt at permanency and good to hear we are starting early in the year on this one.  But, I suspect we will again go into December wondering if we’ll get it retroactive again.

I wonder if the “cost” of the IRA part of this law won’t bring the rest down.

In the meantime, we have finally started encouraging donors to make direct IRA gifts (even without the law in place) because the negative tax impact of it failing is slight in almost any case (of course, make sure your donors check with their accountants!).

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