Finally a Breakthrough!

In what?  In getting incredible results with a planned giving marketing campaign.

I have spent close to 20 years in the field of planned giving and have seen varying results for different marketing efforts – some good, some ok, and some downright embarrassing.  But, not until now have I been involved in a promotional scheme that has opened the floodgates of planned giving donors and prospects.

Take look at this summary table (and we still have a bunch more likely to come in) from a recent survey campaign launched with a client of mine (with a vendor that does really great work – Market Smart):

Planned Giving Survey Campaigns_165

In other words, we have over 50 serious planned giving donors/prospects and over 200 showing some interest – and this effort reached only a 1/3 of the long-term donor base for this client.

So, if you are wondering if you can ever get your planned giving #’s ramped up quickly, there is hope (assuming, of course, that you have a donor base to work with and you have a vendor who knows what they are doing).

If you have made it this far in this post, you have be wondering what’s the secret.  I have no problem telling the story (not a sales pitch but the actual story – I don’t work for the vendor involved!) but it is going to be in a webinar on February 27th at 11 am EST (sorry West Coast folks!).  It will be part of our Planned Giving Club (click to learn more or join) webinar series but others can pay $40 per site to join if you are not a Club member.  Click here to register/pay just for this webinar entitled “Survey Success – Finally a Planned Giving Marketing Campaign that Worked!”  This session will be an open and honest discussion about failing and succeeding at getting real results and WILL NOT BE AN INFOMERCIAL FOR THE VENDOR WHO I WILL GIVE CREDIT TO FOR ALL OF THE SUCCESS.  It will be my personal experience at some failures and then going through what finally brought about success on the marketing front.

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