Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here? RECORDING

If you missed yesterday’s webinar “Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?”, you still have a chance to see the presentation and receive the full PowerPoint (over 50 data charts to use as you wish – nothing locked!).


This is my annual review of key data points for charitable giving, and planned giving in particular (includes over 50 charts and tables based on Giving USA, IRS, U.S. Census Bureau, CASE/VSE and more).

Since the 2018 tax law changes massively reduced the number of itemizers in America (and possibly their charitable contributions to boot), we have all been waiting to see what impact it really had (even though Giving USA numbers already suggest no negative impact on fundraising).

Well, now we can analyze the data to see what really happened as a result of Trump’s big tax plan!  And, maybe we can finally answer the age-old question of whether the charitable income tax deduction is that important for typical givers or not!

We will also look closely at trends in planned giving – based on these data sources – to see what ever happened to the Great Wealth Transfer predicted by Boston College professors in the mid-90s.

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