Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?

I keep asking this question every year around this time (when I finally get updated Giving USA and VSE numbers) and the answer….

How about checking out this short presentation of the various data points I look at and whether we are seeing long anticipated wealth transfer or not.

If you remember, the Boston College prophets predicted a huge flow of funds to nonprofits from a wealth transfer.  Well, it has been over 20 years and we haven’t seen much besides an uptick here and there.  Still, the numbers tell a story that nonprofits should pay attention to.

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  1. Great content, especially for creating context for the magnitude of wealth that is and will continue to transition. Can’t help but lament that with 125 million adults without a will, many of them being HNW, will make no effort to engage their family in a conversation about philanthropy and specifically planned giving. Keep writing on this subject, you are making an important contribution.

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