Meet the Laggard

There are apparently five categories of adopters:

  1. Innovators
  2. Early adopters
  3. Early majority
  4. Late majority
  5. Laggards.

I think that I’m a Laggard when it comes to using video calls (facetime, zoom, whatapp video calls, google video chats, etc…).  The world seems to have gone “gaga” over Zoom and other video conferencing during Covid 19 but I have steadfastly stuck to my guns with conference calls and simple screen sharing without video!  When invited to Zoom type meetings, I just leave my video off or just call in.

This was the case up until I joined a Zoom training session given by a neighbor and consulting colleague (Tanja Sarrett).  I helped promote her program because it looked like it would be of interest to my clients and broader audience.  But, when a few clients signed up, I really needed to attend.

Then, I saw that the program was 2.5 hours long!  I immediately emailed Tanja that I might not be able to stay to whole time.  You see, I couldn’t imagine myself staying put for that length of time.  She said I had to at least make it through the first 1.5 hours.

Then, I took the course and it totally changed my perspective on Zoom type meetings!  I had no problem staying the entire time and realized that it was time to embrace!  This is the new game changer for fundraisers and other relationship managers.  If you are face to face fundraiser, you need to get up to speed now. If you run events, you need to get up to speed now!

My first step – I recruited Tanja to give the course again – this time a 2-part workshop – not to scare off ADD people like myself.  Next, my own paid Zoom account. Then, create smaller group interactive programs, and so on.

So, if you are a late comer or laggard (like myself), I urge you to take a look at this training program – JUST CLICK THE TITLE:

Virtual Donor Cultivation Events 2-Part Workshop – Learn how to design meaningful and engaging virtual donor experiences on Zoom!



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