More on Huguette Clark

Here is another interesting article that goes into more details on the investigation into Ms. Clark’s attorney and accountant:

And, here is the “family” petition filed sometime ago to get control of Ms. Clark (and her fortune, of course):  Clark_guardian_petition_2  Legal papers like this are very interesting to read and reveal a lot about a situation.  In this document, you will see lots of damning info on the attorney and accountant.  But, what you won’t see is any hint that the petitioners have ever met Ms. Clark or had any relationship with her what-so-ever.  In other words, it is “we are the next of kin”, so give us control of the money.

Sadly, it seems like the attorney and accountant might have made some missteps in their handling of Ms. Clark’s affairs and in their lives which might lead to a decade long or more legal battle over whether their was undue influence or fraud or lack of mental capacity, etc.. regarding the validity of the will.

These things literally take decades to be sorted out.  And, the way the system works, it is totally in the interests of the next of kin (whose parents may never have even met Ms. Clark or certainly didn’t have a relationship with her) to fight the will at all costs.  Knock it out – and everything is yours!

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