Planned Giving Boot Camp Full Training Program

Planned Giving Boot Camp Full Training Program is a NEW intensive course for fundraisers who have significant planned giving responsibilities.  This 8-week program is limited to 15 individual participants.  The smaller  group allows for interaction between participants on weekly “open-line” discussions on the topic for the week (which will be pre-recorded at the beginning of each week along with suggested reading materials and a short assignment).



Price: $750 per participant

CFRE Credits: projected 8 hours.

Contact if you have any questions.

This course is designed to give fundraisers a full grasp of the field of planned giving as well as opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and be fully prepared to lead their own planned giving efforts.

1. Introduction to Planned Giving – This session will define what “planned giving” should mean to an average fundraiser, make the case for all nonprofits to ramp up their planned giving efforts, and provide an overview of all of the giving options that will be covered during the entire course.

2. From Static to Dynamic: Transforming Your Planned Giving Programs To Get Results – This session will focus on the steps and approaches needed to implement, launch and/or upgrade your legacy giving program.  Planned giving marketing activities are often static and see very little results and/or interactions with actual prospects.  We will cover various marketing and promotional ideas, and how to transform them into real and immediate results.

3. Initiating The Legacy Conversation And Getting To The Ask – This session will focus on a core challenge in cross-training fundraisers in planned giving: initiating planned giving conversations and leading these conversations to a completed gift. We will not only discuss several actual case studies but we will ask participants to introduce their own case studies for group discussion and turning your “case for legacy giving” into your legacy giving “elevator-pitch.”

4. Primer on Basic Tax Law and Financial Planning Concepts – This session is designed to clarify the various tax and financial planning issues that your prospects may expect you to be conversant on during planned giving discussions – a must for fundraisers discussing planned gifts and any complex gift arrangement.

5. Life Income Gifts – This session will delve into the entire area of “life income gifts,” seen by many as the heart of planned giving providing some of the most interesting options for donors to consider. Building upon our initial introduction to planned giving vehicles and tax/financial planning concepts in prior sessions, we will go into depth on the specific options available, the details as to how they work, and start preparing fundraisers to identify ideal circumstances and how to initiate conversations.

6. Bequests and Other Testamentary Gifts – This session will go into depth on what has proven to be the largest source of planned giving revenue by far in the nonprofit sector: bequests and other testamentary gifts. While bequests are often referred to as the most “simple” of planned gifts, there are numerous details and options fundraisers need to be aware of to maximize their effectiveness in this area. Additionally, we will cover non-Will testamentary options like IRAs and other account designations, which are becoming more and more important among baby-boomer prospects.

7. Charitable Gift Annuities – This session will go into more depth on the topic of CGAs as well as flesh out challenges in getting programs started and administered properly.

8. Charitable Remainder Trusts – (OPTIONAL SESSION) This session will go into more depth on the topic of CRTs as well as flesh out challenges in closing CRTs and setting up proper administration of each trust.

9. Lead Trusts – (OPTIONAL SESSION) This session will into into more depth on this most complex gift, focusing on actual closed lead trusts Planned Giving Advisors has been involved with and giving participants ideas for presenting these to prospects.

10. Wrap Up –  We will wrap up with each participant presenting their own 5 minute plan for expanding their own organization’s efforts in this area.


One comment

  1. A lot of planned giving advice tends to be theoretical (e.g. if you do this consistently, results should eventually come) and scientific (e.g. Neurons in 75-year-old brains respond to smiling faces). Jonathan does an excellent job of teaching practical, impactful strategies that you can use to get results. He is also very generous in evaluating participants’ current activities to lend advice. I can say with complete confidence that participating in this course is going to lead to my foundation refining its current planned giving approach and, more importantly, bringing in more prospects and ultimately planned giving dollars.

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