Planned Giving for High Net Wealth Prospects

If you have ever worked with (as an adviser, fundraiser, or whatever) a high net wealth family (tens of millions and up), you’ll know this is different territory than even your regular major gift donor.

For the past 13 years, in addition to being a Planned Giving consultant, I’ve moonlighted as a Trusts & Estates attorney/go-fer for a high net wealth family.  This work initially was sporadic but as the windfalls started exceeding the billion dollar mark (and the wealth transfers in the hundreds of millions), this client has essentially become a job.
With all of my exposure to the highest net wealth family planning issues, the schemes from planners/promoters being pitched, and witnessing first hand what works and what doesn’t, I have decided to share this insider view in my newest webinar: Planned Giving for High Net Wealth Prospects (this Wednesday at 12 NOON EASTERN).
Our goal for this session is to help you start developing a successful approach to presenting Planned Giving ideas to your wealthiest supporters.  But, don’t expect the same old planned giving.

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