Planned Giving Program Makes Good: $20 Million Insurance Gift!

My next blog post was going to be about the high % of bequests among mega-gifts as reported by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, but the gift discussed in the following article trumps them all:

Kudos to my friend, Josh Rednik, the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Foundation of MetroWest, for his involvement in this one!

The question often comes to me about whether “Insurance” gifts are worth pursuing.  Well, there are a lot of scam-like proposals out there – just check my blog archives on the topic.  But, there are legitimate insurance gifts as the linked article so glaringly shows us.  Your job as a fundraiser is to be knowledgeable enough to see and pursue opportunities – and always have a trusted insurance volunteer on-call to guide you!



  1. I’m often leary of insurance gifts unless they’re plain vanilla (charity is gifted ownership of policy). This is a fabulous story.

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