Post Election Rundown – The impact for nonprofits, fundraising and planned giving!

Don’t miss this very special live web presentation from Planned Giving Advisors scheduled for Nov. 10 at 12 pm EST:
When the dust finally settles on the election (and hopefully we’ll know the results within a week!) – nonprofits will have a lot to think about and plan for!
This session will be an honest and apolitical look at:
  • Tax and giving related proposals from the winning side.
  • How these may impact nonprofit fundraising and planned giving.
  • Recent law changes (Secure and Cares Acts) that you may not have paid much attention to.
  • The new approaches coming out of the high net wealth legal sector in response to all of this.

In particular, we will review the big ideas heard from Jonathan Blattmachr last week that estate planning attorneys are touting to high net wealth clients which may or may not impact planned giving programs.

Thank you as always for considering our programs.

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