Raise More Money NOW 3-Part Webinar Program

This NEW 3-part webinar program dives right into the “how to’s” of increasing gifts. Designed to help you and your team examine the critical areas of major gift fundraising, Raise More Money Now will give you actionable steps that will result in immediate increased support.



Over three consecutive weeks, each 55-minute live webinar session will help you reexamine your approach to fundraising while providing proven steps to increase gifts. Raise More Money Now will show you how to deconstruct the gift process and take a direct tactical approach to obtaining more support for your organization. This is a must attend for all fundraisers serious about raising more money for their cause or college.

Raise More Money Now is led by Tim Nelson, Chief Advisor/Founder of Nelson Fundraising Advisors, LLC. Tim, a former Fortune 500 company officer, has spent the last dozen years leading fundraising efforts at major Universities, Museums, and Community Colleges. A frequent public speaker, Tim has worked to perfect his fundraising approach by applying business techniques to the art of raising money.

Raise More Money Now will help you:

1. Define the why. Raising money requires that the fundraiser be able to communicate the needs of the organization. It is by matching the need to the prospect that stimulates the gift discussion. Tim will help you understand how to define the “why” and deliver an uncomplicated message to your prospect.

2. Expect the Gift. Many fundraisers fail to close a gift because they fail to think big. Tim will show you the importance of developing a culture of philanthropy from within and working outward to engage the prospect.

3. Goldilocks List Building. Your list of donor prospects is critical. We’ll show you how to develop a list that is “just right,” and how to manage and report progress.

4. Go Fish! (getting the gift). Failure to understanding how to meet with prospects and hold gift discussions is often the biggest reason why great gifts are not closed. Tim will provide an approach to prospect meetings that WILL result in more gifts.

5. Final is never Final (being dynamic). We’ll help you understand how to keep the fundraising process fresh and effective, and growing (and fun for you and other fundraisers).


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