Recording of Tax Briefing on Sale!

We had 250 people on our live tax briefing today!

The session was very well received – here are a few of the comments we received:

“Thanks for the webinar today. Any chance you’d be interested in holding a seminar for donors about how the new tax bill might affect their charitable giving.”

“Nice job on the presentation today.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed and was educated by your webinar today.”

“Thank you so much for an informative session this morning!”

“Thanks so much for the webinar presentation today regarding the 2018 Tax Law changes — I found it to be very helpful.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation this morning and got a number of questions answered, plus good direction for the future with the 70 1/2s and their IRAs. Thanks!”

If you are still interested in the topic – you can now purchase the recording!



  1. A bit less of your commentary on politics would have left more time for the substance of the conversation. you’re entitled to your opinions, but that’s not what we signed up and paid for. And for what it’s worth, trickle down economics has been proven, time and again, to be bogus, so please don’t try to pass that off again.

    1. Thank you Jerry for the comment – I wasn’t promoting trickle down economics – I was just stating a fact that when there are more people earning more money, charities get more (you have taken my course and know that 2% of disposable income goes to charities year in and year out). Anyway, thank you for taking the session and I apologize for striking a political cord. That was the farthest thing from my intent!

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