Results Now and Planned Giving

Image result for get results now cartoonOver and over, I have conversations with planned giving directors – excellent ones with years great results – but it always comes down to: what have you done for me lately.


Quite often there is a new VP for development every year or two – so the new VP wasn’t around to watch the planned giving program grow into what it is now (often bringing in millions of dollar of revenue).

So, with a new VP who is under pressure to get results, they look at the planned giving director and wonder – what’s this guy (or woman) doing for us?

They sometimes bring in a consultant who usually understands what the VP wants to hear – do something different and you’ll do better.

It’s a terrible cycle I see happening all the time.

This is the curse of the field of planned giving.  Planned gifts are the ultimate long play (with your donors) but the VPs making the decisions over the planned giving program don’t have patience or luxury to watch the program grow organically.

This is why I have turned to Surveys and Matching Gift Campaigns to get fast results (at least in terms of numbers of new legacy society donors and real prospects).

So, if you have made it through this short lament and relate to this issue, I am about to offer a webinar at NOON EASTERN TODAY – click the link to learn more – this could easily be the best $75 investment your organization has ever made!

Get Planned Giving Results Now…with a Survey Campaign!

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