legacy giving

Catch their attention, inspire them, and get them thinking

I came across this picture and quote of Stephen Covey (click here to go to the site) in looking for an idea for a client to put something in their annual report just as they are starting their planned giving program.  I just can’t let this one go even though I don’t think they will use it idea.

My advice to nonprofits trying to get some traction in planned giving: figure out how to use the “Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy” quote (possibly with a picture of Covey or not or another similar inspiring legacy quote) – design something powerful like the above and put it in front of your community. Catch the attention of your supporters, get them inspired and thinking, and then get them thinking about their legacies – in that order. If you do this consistently (along with some proactive steps like surveys and matching gift campaigns), you will start getting calls about legacy gifts (along respondents to your proactive marketing efforts, of course). I think it’s that easy.


Do you have a legacy opener?

When going into a meeting with someone who you want to introduce legacy giving to, do you have a “legacy opener”?

By that, I mean a question that challenges your prospect to discuss their feelings about their legacy with your organization.

In a mere few words, you can set in motion all of the thoughts and feelings that lead to a planned gift.

Sounds easy?

Hey readers – if you have an approach to getting your prospects to open up about how they envision their legacy gifts with your organization, please share!