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Law School Hero Taking the Fifth!

Joking aside, I really can’t fathom the swiftness of the IRS scandal and how it is heading right at Western New England Law’s former hero lawyer, Lois Lerner.  It isn’t surprising with the Administration and Media looking for a fall guy/gal but the whole story is still shocking.

Here are two of the initial stories that just came out this afternoon:



lois lerner

Imagine if she actually received orders from above to engage in the political agenda profiling that is coming to the surface.  Imagine if she actually has proof that someone gave her directions.  She might want to go into hiding or hire body guards, too!

For someone like myself who doesn’t watch TV or movies, this is pretty exciting stuff!

Say it ain’t so! More on the IRS exempt org. scandal ;)


As a graduate of Western New England College School of Law (now known as Western New England University School of Law), our most famous graduate (at least for the tax guys like me) was none other than Lois Lerner, director for the IRS Exempt Organization Division!!!!

Well, she just got a lot more famous.  Click here or on the Pinocchios to check out the Washington Post’s fact checking story on public statements of hers.

Just think, two day ago, she was supposed to be the honored Commencement Speaker at Western New England’s law school graduation.   (click to see her bio on the Western New England website – soon to be removed once they see this post!).  Apparently the scandal put an end to her commencement speech plans.

Today, she is at the head of the line to take the fall for IRS exempt org debacle.  

At least our law school’s name recognition will be up.  Ironically, the law school happens to have particularly good tax law professors and its building is even named after the one of the most notorious charitable tax cases: S. Prestley BLAKE v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE (Mr. Blake, founder of Friendlys Corporation, whose headquarters was located across the street from the campus).  Who would have thought that Western New England’s law school would be all over the news!