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Waking up to a new reality

It is not every Monday morning that you wake up to a new (and unsettling reality) – but as you know, this is the case for most people today.  The order of the day is to work from home, stay away from gatherings and pray that this country gets through the corona-virus situation quickly and that loved ones stay safe!

But, working from home isn’t so easy.  Being self-employed since 2011, I should be used to it but even with no one else home during the day besides my wife, it was never easy for me to focus (these days, I have an office!).  Now, with everyone home, a few children already joining classes via conference call, it is really rough for me to focus.

With everyone trying to work from home, and probably a lot of fundraising programs trying to adjust (cancellation of events and meetings and so on), maybe it’s time to sign up for online training programs like the Planned Giving Boot Camp?

So, why the Planned Giving Boot Camp?

  • It’s a very cost effective way to train your entire fundraising team in this area (which is becoming more important every day) – just $350 for up to 16 staff members.
  • It’s very flexible!  Your team can watch together or separately, at home or on their cell phones or ipads. Watch it live or recorded. Review if you want.
  • The format is simple, delivered in a way that is digestible – designed for regular fundraisers to get started in this crucial area.
  • Just six 1.25 hour webinar sessions over six consecutive weeks.
  • 7.25 CFRE credits being offered for this upcoming course only.

Since we kicked off this program in the spring of 2014, over 2,000 fundraisers have been through the course – with great reviews and positive feedback.  That’s why we keep offering it.

But, this may be our last Planned Giving Boot Camp!  Why?  Enrollment has slowed as my marketing lists have not grown and I don’t have to time to expand the lists.  So, I am in talks with a larger planned giving marketing firm to create a Certificate program for multiple disciplines within Planned Giving (Face-to-face fundraisers, non-profit marketing professionals, administrators, etc…) and finally end the great run we have had with the Planned Giving Boot Camp. So, if you have been mulling over whether to sign up for the course, this upcoming course (starting March 23rd at 12 noon EST) would be a good one to join!



Only 2 Spots Left for Fall Innovative PG Training Program

Image result for innovative trainingIf you have not had a chance to see our latest, innovative training program (click here!!!), please do so!

We are offering a 10-week, interactive planned giving training program (max 15 students from around the country) designed to give each participant the knowledge and practical skills you’ll need to implement your planned giving responsibilities.  In a sense, you will be receiving 10 weeks of PG consulting and collaboration with colleagues in similar situations.  Everyone will be asked to present during group conversation calls as well as develop a basic plan for your situation (and present that, too!)

Program starts September 25 – Max 15 participants – 10 spaces taken already!



Planned Giving Boot Camp Full Training Program

BootCampSource: Planned Giving Boot Camp Full Training Program – click here to see details

Registration has started for this new, innovative training program!

I am very excited about the initial interest and response to my new, full planned giving training program: 10 weeks, 10 pre-recorded webinar sessions, 10 open conversation/homework review sessions, and easy assignments that are designed to get you to start using the knowledge you are picking up! Space is limited – please check it out and pass on to friends or colleagues who are picking significant planned giving responsibilities.