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Webinar Today: Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?

If you missed my annual presentation of all of my key data points, I am giving it again today at 1 pm EASTERN for the Center for Major Gifts.


This session is my annual review of all of the major data points related to planned giving that I can find in one webinar.

Included in your registration is over 60 data-filled slides, including the actual PowerPoint so that you can create your own presentations as well as the recording link, in case you can’t join the live session.

Other questions I will be addressing:

Did the 2018 tax plan – which sharply reduced the number of itemizers – irreparably damage fundraising?

Where does planned giving stand against other streams of nonprofit fundraising revenue?

What are the trends we are seeing in the data?

PS: Don’t miss the link to download your free copy of the Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Board Members after you register.

PPS: The Planned Giving Boot Camp – which has already trained over 3,000 fundraisers since 2014 – is back and expanded, and is now part of the Center for Major Gifts.

The new format includes 12 pre-recorded modules, live Q&A sessions, other supporting materials like the Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide and much more.


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Time to get your planned giving act together!

Related imageBaby boomers getting older….

The wealth transfer is coming….

Blah, blah, blah.  The same old, same old and no real difference in the numbers for planned giving.  Right?

I know what I am about to say is self-serving (this is a blog and I’m constantly promoting myself and my services) but if you have a minute, read what I am about to write carefully.

The estate tax exemption just doubled (i.e. people can leave more to family estate tax free).  Bad for planned giving?

Wrong. Amazing for planned giving!!!


People with means are going to their estate planning attorneys.  Considering options. Redoing their estate plans.

How often does this happen with your typical planned giving prospect?  You usually have no idea unless someone tells you.

So, I am telling you this (from my estate planning practice – more than half of my business):  your wealthier donors are meeting with their estate planning attorneys NOW.

That means NOW is the time to make sure they are considering YOUR institution for some sort of planned gift!

In other words, you need to wake up your sleeping planning giving program. You need to train your staff (click here to see more on my upcoming training!). You need to put some budget towards planned giving.

Meaning: it’s time to get your planned giving act in order! The boomers will start moving on. There are a lot more of them than their predecessors and they actually have a lot of money.  Planned Giving will grow dramatically in the next few years.  You and your organization need to get ready!

Watch Free Webinar on the Great Wealth Transfer


Check out this free webinar on the Great Wealth Transfer!  (NOTE: the first minute or two didn’t get recorded but it picks up on the first slide)

If you have any interest in receiving a copy of the actual powerpoint (with slide data accessible) please email me at jonathan@plannedgivingadvisors.com.

Also, don’t forget to check out our summer planned giving training programs!

The Planned Giving Boot Camp (starts July 12th)

Beyond the Planned Giving Boot Camp (part II of the Boot Camp) (starts July 20th)

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The Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here?

For years, I’ve been working on a powerpoint slide showing the tidal wave of the Great Wealth transfer (in projected numbers, of course) finally arriving.

I am not quite there yet on that particular slide but I have started to cull together very interesting data that shows the waves are beginning to swell!

Got your attention?  This Thursday I am giving a FREE webinar for Donor Search on this topic – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Here is the rest of info on the free session:

Thu, Jun 30, 2016 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

20 years after the infamous Boston College predictions were made, are we finally seeing signs of the Great Wealth Transfer? Jonathan Gudema, planned giving blogger and obsessive, will present key statistics from the most recent sources including higher education VSE/CAE surveys, Giving USA, the IRS and more – all indicating that Planned Giving is on the rise.

An attorney and fundraiser, Jonathan has over 19 years of experience working with and advising non-profit organizations on planned gift arrangements and tax-advantaged charitable estate planning options.