The State of Planned Giving in 2020 and Beyond

I am pleased to announce a special event – The State of Planned Giving in 2020 and Beyond – will be happening on December 16th, including live on-site presentations in Newark, NJ, as well as opportunity to participate via your computer anywhere in the world!
This is the first live, onsite conference I’ve offered in several years.  And, anyone from around the world can participate virtually, too!  The conference will start at 9 am (light breakfast, i.e. coffee) and shmoozing, and the actual presentation will start at 9:30 am!
Here are the topics being covered:
  • Is the Great Wealth Transfer Finally Here? Jonathan will go over the latest data points on giving and planned giving from various sources (Giving USA, VSE, and more) to determine if we are finally seeing the beginnings of the Great Wealth Transfer as predicted in the mid-90s.
  • Itemizer misery or not? Wild predictions of doom for nonprofit fundraising were made in light of the 2018 tax law changes. We will review both historical and the latest IRS data on itemizer giving to finally see what the impact of that law was and how it may impact fundraising going forward.
  • Outlook for Planned Giving in 2020 and Beyond – Based on the data presented, Jonathan will discuss the biggest planned giving opportunities going into 2020 and beyond for fundraisers to focus on, as well as other trends that we should all be on the watch for.
The program will go through 11:00 am, and live attendees can hang around to schmooze more!
The presentation portion will be recorded for all registrants. Virtual registrants will be able to watch the program from any location in the world via their computer, tablet or even smart phone.

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