Sorry – You may have missed our Donor-Friendly Webinar on the New Tax Law BUT you can register to receive the recording

On Jan. 22, we gave a Donor-Friendly Webinar Briefing on the New Tax Law (goal being that you can use the content for your own donor-friendly briefings and/or invite leadership to join the webinar).  This was the predominant request from among our 250 attendees to our initial briefing on the new tax law from last week (see below for comments on that session). 


In addition to receiving the actual PowerPoint and the recording link, you will also receive draft donor-friendly pamphlet language – included with your registration. 

Here is our first comment:

After sitting in your Tax Bill Seminar, I knew today’s seminar was something I needed.  Unfortunately, I joined in late and didn’t download the presentation.  Can the presentation be emailed to me?  And, I’m definitely looking forward to the information coming out in “donor” language in the next couple of weeks.  Really appreciate your explanations and not the typical “sky is falling” hype we’ve been getting.

Thank you as always for considering our programs.

Our Tax Briefing on Monday (1/8/18) was also a huge success – over 250 attendees logged-in to hear key points for nonprofit fundraisers on the new tax law!  CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE THE RECORDING

Sampling of comments we received after Jan. 8 Tax Law Briefing for Nonprofit Fundraisers:

“Thanks for the webinar today. Any chance you’d be interested in holding a seminar for donors about how the new tax bill might affect their charitable giving.”

“Thanks for your excellent presentation!”

“Thank you for the presentation last week.”

“Nice job on the presentation today.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed and was educated by your webinar today.”

“Thank you so much for an informative session this morning!”

“Thanks so much for the webinar presentation today regarding the 2018 Tax Law changes — I found it to be very helpful.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation this morning and got a number of questions answered, plus good direction for the future with the 70 1/2s and their IRAs. Thanks!”

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