UPMIFA signed by NY Gov!

I think I am the only person in the NY metro area to report on this.  Interesting, because it will have a profound impact on endowment fund management.  Is there anyone out there who is involved with the nonprofit community that is awake!
Actually, it is just the news outlets that don’t know that there is a story here.  I have been planning a conference call for a client (multiple university system) on this topic (anticipating its signing) for tomorrow – and I have over 80 people registered.  So, when notified, nonprofit management knows this is a big deal.


  1. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for letting us know about UPMIFA in NY. We’ve been watching for the official word about it. We’ve been working with numerous clients in New England and we know how important it is, and not well understood by many, especially board members. One of our experts created a white paper on how to talk to nonprofit board members about UPMIFA which can be downloaded from our website, or I would be happy to forward it to you. http://www.amsolutions.net/resources/white-papers/talking-to-your-board-about-upmifa

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