Very Interesting Bequest Giving Data!!!

Very Interesting Bequest Giving Data!!!

In the blogosphere, if you don’t have anything new…well then you don’t have anything to say!!

Well here is something new (and interesting) – research from a group called Connected to Give – clicking  here or the picture will take you to their website. They did an extensive study of bequest/planned giving habits in the Jewish community. But, their data is not only relevant to this community so I took some of their findings for some upcoming presentations. This one shows you 4 different “groups” – each with the percentage having estate plans and what percentage of the entire group actually leave planned gifts (presumably bequests).

Do the ratios in your head. The age 40+ Jewish $100,000+ earners group project approx. one out of every three (with estate plans) to make a charitable bequest!! The general population sees only one out of every eight (with estate plans) leaving charitable bequests.

And, look at the percentage who even have estate plans.

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