What do you think about the Charitable Giving Extension proposal?

The headline of this post could have been: “The House passed the “America Gives More Act of 2014” (H.R. 4719) on July 17, with a bipartisan majority vote of 277-130” (from a Forbes article). But it wasn’t.

I have been monitoring legislation impacting the nonprofit fundraising programs for long enough to know that passing one house isn’t much.

Anyway, in addition to permanently extending the IRA rollover and enhanced incentives for conservation easements, the House put in an idea new to me:  extend the deadline for taking a tax deduction for charitable gifts from 12/31 to 4/15.  This reminds of the option to contribute to your IRA up until 4/15 for tax benefits for the previous year.  Click here to read a little about this one.

My question to blog readers:  Is extending the charitable giving tax deadline a good idea?

Thank you as always for taking this polls!  The more takers, the more useful the data!

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