What is Planned Giving and how do you do it?

In the summer of 1992, my first law school summer, I interned for the Planned Giving director at the MetroWest Jewish Community Foundation.  So, it’s 30+ years since I was introduced to this field (1998 since leaving law practice to focus full-time on this field – 25 years)!

I have been through a lot – worked with over 300 organizations as a consultant and was involved with over $500 million in Planned Gifts (have lost track of the total).  But, the core of planned giving is really about is something that I am constantly working on.

How do you get to closed gifts?

For this, you need to understand how to reach donors (i.e. marketing, events, activities) and you need to understand the donors’ motivations and inspirations, and who are the best prospects and when is the best time to open the conversation.

This Wednesday, I will be giving my most important webinar for understanding the nuances of this field and how to actually get to gifts.

If you have time for only one training session, and want get started talking to donors, this is the one:

Initiating Legacy Conversations – February 1, 2023 at 2 pm EST

I will condensing 30 years of my own experiences, as well as those of colleagues, clients, and donors, into this one 1.25 hour webinar.



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